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Join the Mandalorian Protectorate by KittKitan Join the Mandalorian Protectorate by KittKitan
A Small Propaganda poster for the Mandalorian Protectorate Sector Armies

Weldun will be around soon to explain further in the comments.
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mokkurkalfe Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Nice coloring, and the pose seems highly... suggestive. :-)

Do your gaming sessions get transcribed or recorded, the way Drhoz does with his games?
Weldun Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
No, we don't. But, when the campaign ends I'll be compiling the files and posting them to the d20 radio forums.
mokkurkalfe Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Sounds good. How far have you gotten to by now? Is there a specific ending point planned or is it more a case of "we keep playing till we decide to try something else"?

Are you planning on doing any editing and adding sound effects or an intro? There's lots of good royalty-free music out on the internet for such purposes; personally, I would recommend Kevin MacLeod's work at, there's some real gems in that collection.
Weldun Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
We're a year after the Nagai "invasion", which kinda bounced because instead of a barely defended Manalore system, there was a couple thousand fighters with anti-shipping missiles loaded flying out to meet them. Some swift diplomacy, followed by a relocation effort, and the Protectorate welcomed a new Nagai colony into it's fold.

We're going to be skipping quickly through some years, having an adventure here and there around a key event, until Thrawn hits. Then we're in trouble, because Wayland in right in the middle of Roche, Mandalore and Shili, all key worlds in the Protectorate.
Drhoz Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But where's the cheesecake? surely it needs cheesecake to persuade some poor fool high-school age Mandalorian to join the army?
Weldun Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Okay, why am I needed to explain this? Because it's for our game where my character (Cigart S'sol) became Mand'alor instead of Fenn Shysa. As a result, we're building the Mandalorian Protectorate, a small star nation that, while certain aspects are controlled by the Mando'ade, the majority of power is retained by the individual polities.

In order to bolster troop numbers without falling into the trap of the Neo Crusaders, the military is built in three tiers.
1. The Mandalorian Fleet – The clans and forces of the Mandalorians make up the bulk of the Mandalorian Fleet and to be an officer in any section except the S.T.A.R. Units, one has to be a Mandalorian. This is the force that leads any attack, and major defense operation and all other forces are technically second to it in authority. The Fleet also holds responsibility for border patrol and anti-smuggling/piracy operations.
2. The Sector Armies – These forces are the "second-line" troops of the Mandalorian Protectorate. Using the same equipment and tactics as the Fleet, but they are the static defense forces of the Protectorate, and the major place where non-Mandalorians can reach high-rank. They undergo the same training as fleet personnel, but due to coming from a less militaristic culture, they are of marginally lower quality.
3. The System Guard – The only forces not under the command of Mandalore, each of these military forces answer separately to their respective polity, although they are "nationalized" in times of emergency, such as when their polity is invaded or in times of wide-spread disaster. They are the last line of defense in case the Fleet and Armies fail. Due to their very nature, their training and equipment vary from polity to polity, but they know the terrain better than anyone else. Some Polities do not raise more than a token Guard force, preferring to rely instead on the Fleet and Armies for their defense.

Cigart describes each of these as being the Sword (Fleet), the Shield (Army) and the Armor (Guard) of the Protectorate. While the Sword and Shield answer the Hand, the Armor answers to the Body, which are the civilian governments of the Protectorate.

I hope that that is informative. ^.^
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